Our mission is clear: Accelerating the clean energy transition

Founded in 2004, Dunsky supports leading governments, utilities, firms and non-profits in their efforts to build a sustainable energy future.

Our focus is on the demand side of the equation: deploying energy efficiency and other demand-side energy resources in buildings and industry, accelerating the deployment of energy and storage technologies, and transforming mobility through electrification, alternative fuels and new transportation solutions.

See below to learn more about the values that drive us… and the numbers they’ve led us to.

Our Values


We work tirelessly to ensure that our work is conducted to the highest standards, and that we are either leading, or abreast of, the latest innovations in our field.


We are duty-bound to provide our clients with consistent, honest and unbiased analysis and counsel. Integrity is our North Star.


We treat both clients and staff as partners, committing ourselves to their objectives, being responsive to needs, and going the extra mile to help them achieve their goals.


We drive positive change by advancing clean energy solutions, minimizing our own environmental footprint, and supporting those who encourage responsible stewardship of the planet.

Our Numbers


years in business


projects completed

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