Client satisfaction is woven into the fabric of our firm.

We take our clients’ goals to heart. That means building relationships of mutual trust and respect; asking the right questions before coming up with answers; adding real value by bringing meaningful knowledge and insights to each project; and delivering on our promise of clear, compelling deliverables.

Put simply, client satisfaction lies at the heart of our work, and is woven into the very fabric of our firm. But don’t take it from us – read what our clients have to say:

I was very impressed with the team. Dunsky has the technical knowledge that is difficult to find in other consulting firms.

Research Engineer

Dunsky’s commitment to understanding local conditions was impressive. They really connected to our team, understood our challenges and worked so well to meet our goals.

Manager, Market Sustainability

The project felt secure…they addressed any issues promptly and had great insights.

Climate Change Coordinator Strategic and Environmental Planning

The team was fantastic to work with, very good communicators and not afraid to dig into the trickier issues that arose.

Acting Manager, Climate Action

[Dunsky] Was exceptional at understanding both the technical and strategic objectives of the work, and aligning the team to provide the deliverables needed. Communication was clear, pleasant, and proactive.

Manager, Communities Climate Action Secretariat

The Tool and analyses were perfect for what we need and high-quality. Dunsky was great to work with.

Policy Analyst, Sustainability Group

Great ability to synthesize large amounts of material and provide clear, distilled recommendations. High quality work produced on a challenging and complex topic.

Chief Program Development

The expertise and professionalism of the team was up to the task given the scope of the mandate. Dunsky and their partners have extensive experience in the fields of energy and climate change. Close attention was given to meeting the client’s needs.

Climate Change Advisor

The level of knowledge, professionalism, and insight surpassed our expectations. We have rarely had the pleasure of a similar interaction.

Program Director

I would recommend Dunsky’s services as they have a dynamic team and possess critical expertise in issues related to climate change.

Senior advisor, Sustainability and Climate Change

Dunsky’s services met our expectations within the context of a tight schedule, which was respected, and with quality deliverables. Their expertise was particularly useful when integrating the challenges of the project into the deliverables and in managing the stakeholder engagement phases.

Coordinator for the exemplarity of the State, Energy Strategies, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

Quality service, professionalism, undeniable expertise and respect of deadlines.

Energy Planning Advisor

The analysis was conducted with gusto, the reports were clear and well communicated, and the recommendations provided were based on concrete and innovative examples.

Executive director and director of programs

The Dunsky team was professional from start to finish, available to answer our questions and provide top quality advice, analysis and deliverables. I would not hesitate to work with this team again in future mandates.

Senior Advisor, Sustainability and Climate Change

Dunsky’s team masters the stakes, conducts quality analysis and is committed to customer satisfaction.

Project Manager

The Dunsky team was knowledgeable and professional, great to work with. They worked hard to stay within budget even though early findings pointed to a need to broaden scope.

Vice President, Government & Stakeholder Relations

Your team helped us refine our questions, anticipate items and future hurdles, and drive down on the most important data. Your findings were material to our project financial model and helped orient work with prospective project funders. Your team was able to jump into a ‘developer’s’ mindset, and acted in an entrepreneurial manner – while continuously being proactive and friendly!

Vice President, Canada

The Dunsky team was highly response to our needs, and the evolving iterative nature of this project. They delivered high quality analysis on time and on budget that enabled us to move forward with program development.

Manager of Sustainability

Dunsky was highly adaptable to changing and pressing priorities. [They delivered] a program design informed by deep sector engagement that also factored in important internal considerations. We have received great feedback from the sector on the [program] design.

Sustainable Affordable Housing Sector Lead

I would definitely recommend Dunsky to my colleagues. They were professional, easy to work with and delivered very high quality expertise for the EV business plan.

Consultant – Customer Strategy & Programs

For years you have contributed to our programs’ success through strategic support, innovative programs, consistent rigor and exceptional responsiveness to our needs.

Chief, Energy Efficiency Planning and Integration

Dunsky is easy to work with and provides useful insights that we can incorporate into our programs.

Product Manager, Energy Efficiency Services

Dunsky has provided us with critical research and insightful analysis for some of our most strategic projects. We’re glad we can count on you to inform our next generation of programs and policies.

Executive Director

Your projects have always been of extremely high quality. You keep us on track, and provide relevant and timely analysis packaged for our needs.

Program Manager, Energy Efficiency and Conservation

The Dunsky team has an enormous amount of talent and knowledge in this sector. Everyone is a pleasure to work with, always very personable, but also professional.

GIF Program Specialist

The team was collaborative, knowledgeable and always available to help us. The entire team has extensive North American expertise and credibility.

Manager, Energy Management Services

You delivered above and beyond expectations, and demonstrated very strong market knowledge and expertise. I absolutely recommend Dunsky!

Director of Energy

Team was proactive, always available and willing to help.

Compliance Lead

The team was seamless to work with and provided a great balance of expert advice and flexibility.

Manager, Grid Transformation

Dunsky’s experience and insight is excellent. Their written communications were very clear; presentations and working sessions were effective. They have great interpersonal skills too!

VP Programs & Partnerships

Dunsky’s reputation as a leading consultant in the industry is warranted. In addition to providing a sound work product, the Dunsky brand strengthened our project. We absolutely recommend them.

Program Director

I recommend Dunsky’s services to my colleagues. They take care to listen, build client relationships based on trust and respect, and excel at communicating complex concepts. Their work is always solid.

Chief Technology Officer

Dunsky staff are knowledgeable, professional and produce high quality products. Their customer service also stands out. This combination is not easy to find.

Director of Lighting Programs

We felt that Dunsky was fully committed; that this was not just “another job” to them.

Project Engineer, Environmental & Corporate Initiatives

The team delivered clear, well structured information. We (also) greatly appreciated the quick turn around time.

Director of Energy, North America

Dunsky brings well-respected advice and very in-depth knowledge.

Executive Director

Dunsky staff members are professional and knowledgeable. We were particularly impressed with their availability, willingness to address our questions, and ability to work within the allocated budget and time constraints.

Environmental Technologist

Excellent work. Easy to read, and charts illustrate the points. It sets up the right conversation about our policy choices going forward to achieve our goals.

Secretary of Energy

The Dunsky team did an excellent job. They produced a robust analysis and model, and were particularly responsive.

Planning & Evaluation Manager

Philippe is the guy you want on your team – his expertise is deep and broad, and he is an absolute delight to work with. His team was instrumental in developing Efficiency Maine’s first DSM plan.


Content, knowledge and communication style second to none in the industry.

Executive Director

Dunsky is a quick study. They fully understood what we needed, and they delivered. They are professionals and the project landed on-time and on-budget.

Project Manager

Excellent skill-sets and expertise. Great team and coordination throughout project. Thank you for the great work over the past few months and the excellent final product.

Coordinator, Energy Efficiency Programs

I would absolutely recommend Dunsky to colleagues. They have excellent subject matter expertise, which is provided to clients on time and with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.

Deputy Director

We threw two curve balls at [them] with this project. [They] accommodated and stayed within budget and timeline.

Senior Program Manager

Dunsky have a very fresh approach and progressive style. [They] have delivered on their commitment for Phase 1 of our plan and we are very excited about our plans to move forward to Phase 2 of our plan.

Energy & Innovation Specialist

Dunsky was able to provide a product that was aligned with the need with minimal up-front direction achieving very tight timelines.

General Supervisor, Energy Transition & Utility Supply

Handling of public image and perception was top notch. Professional and public relations aspect were the best I have seen.

Director of Municipal Services

I enjoyed working with the entire team. The team was professional, knowledgeable and thorough. They were responsive to our questions, requests and changes, and were very conscientious about encompassing the scope of the study and respecting deadlines.

Energy Efficiency Analyst

Dunsky’s knowledge, experience and expertise on Home Energy Labelling is top notch in Canada, if not North America. Great client relationship services and very attentive to our needs. The team picked up on our regional nuances and needs very quickly.

Air Quality & Climate Change Planner

I recommend Dunsky for its thought leadership, strong communications and focus on serving its clients.

President & CEO

Dunsky was incredibly responsive. Turn-around was great, expertise was great, communications were great.

Manager of Regulatory Affairs