The Connecticut Green Bank is a special financial entity that accelerates the deployment of energy efficiency and clean energy solutions. By using limited public dollars to attract private capital investment, it makes clean energy more affordable and accessible to residential and commercial consumers.

But you can’t manage what you can’t measure, so Dunsky is assisting the Green Bank by developing and applying an evaluation framework to track its financing initiatives’ impacts and effectiveness. Dunsky began by helping the Green Bank develop a logic model that captures its clean energy delivery and market transformation impacts. Based on this model, we are creating a framework that can be applied to any of its programs, facilitating an apples-to-apples comparison among Green Bank initiatives and providing valuable feedback on program effectiveness that can inform future program design and updates.

The evaluation framework will help the Connecticut Green Bank understand the additional savings that its programs deliver when combined with utility incentives. It will also help the organization compare the greenhouse gas (GHG) savings per dollar invested and the public cost per unit of clean energy delivered, both of which are key to tracking the Green Bank’s progress towards its core goals.

Similar Projects: Dunsky has assisted many of its clients in developing appropriate frameworks for measuring, evaluating and reporting results. These include California Public Utilities Commission, NB Power, Efficiency NS, Connecticut Green Bank and others.