Dunsky is pleased to announce that it is conducting an assessment of transportation and building electrification impacts through 2045 for the City of Redding’s Electric Utility (REU).

With our partner, Tierra Resource Consultants, we are conducting a robust analysis to help the California-based utility develop their strategy in preparation for the rapid electrification needed as part of the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

Particularly, our analysis will help the utility meet its reliability and affordability objectives as California targets ambitious emissions reductions in the transportation and building sectors. Our research will provide key insights to inform system planning, risk mitigation and utility programming to maximize benefits to the local community. Dunsky will assess uptake under multiple scenarios, reflecting various possible market, policy, and technology trends to support REU system planning.

To conduct this analysis, our firm is leveraging two of Dunsky’s industry-leading models: our Heating Energy Decarbonization model (HEATTM) and our Electric Vehicle Adoption Model (EVATM).

HEATTM has been used successfully to conduct building electrification modeling studies to assess the potential, costs, and load impacts of heat pump adoption for leading utilities in Massachusetts, New York (Long Island), and other clients across Canada. The model can run tens of thousands of measure combinations in a single jurisdiction and can adapt model inputs and modeling strategies and scenarios in order to meet a client’s specific needs.

Similarly, EVATM has been leveraged for over 15 EV forecasting projects over the past three years for government, utility and private sector clients across North America. It has demonstrated its ability to accurately project adoption across the full range of vehicle types, and for all customer segments (residential, commercial, public fleets).  Its adoption theory is based on real-world empirical EV uptake data and allows clients to accurately plan and optimize their EV strategies.

Dunsky understands the unique needs and challenges of municipally-owned utilities (as well as other small local utilities and co-ops), having supported dozens across North America. With hundreds of large and small clients across North America, our team works at the appropriate scale for smaller utilities, balancing the level of detail and cost, with the scale of the strategies’ projected impacts. We have conducted EV, building electrification and peak demand assessments for municipal and small local utilities in Massachusetts (Cape Light Compact), Rhode Island (Pascoag Utility District, Block Island Power Company) and across Canada (EPCOR, New Westminster BC, North Vancouver BC, the City of Summerside, etc.).

About Dunsky 

Founded in 2004, Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors supports leading governments, utilities, corporations and non-profits across North America in their efforts to accelerate the clean energy transition, effectively and responsibly. 

Working across buildings, industry, energy and mobility, we support our clients through three key services: we quantify opportunities (technical, economic, market); design go-to-market strategies (plans, programs, policies); and evaluate performance (with a view to continuous improvement).