We focus on three key pillars of sustainable energy.

The world’s energy systems are evolving, and our clients play a key role in accelerating that change. To do so effectively, they turn to our expertise in three broad areas: Buildings + Industry, Energy, and Mobility. We also tie it all together with comprehensive clean energy analysis and counsel.

In each of these areas – and across the clean energy transition – our team can help quantify opportunities, design strategies to achieve clean energy goals, and both measure and continuously improve performance.

Buildings and industry offer large-scale opportunities to achieve energy and carbon goals, by improving energy efficiency, managing peak demand, switching to low-carbon fuels and revisiting equipment and processes.

At Dunsky, we help our clients to understand – and effectively exploit – the breadth of these demand-side energy resources (DERs) across residential, commercial and institutional buildings, as well as the full array of both light and heavy industry.

We notably assess the costs, savings, cost-effectiveness, and market opportunity for hundreds of technical and behavioural options across every sector and market segment; we design market, program, and regulatory strategies that accelerate real-world adoption; and we evaluate the effectiveness of strategies designed to that end.

In all cases, we bring a unique combination of deep technical expertise, market and regulatory knowledge, solid analytics (including sophisticated models), and years of experience to the task.

  • The team was collaborative, knowledgeable and always available to help us. The entire team has extensive North American expertise and credibility.

    Manager, Energy Management Services

  • Philippe combines intellectual rigour with an ability to find practical solutions adapted to business realities.

    Director, Regulation & Planning

  • Excellent skill-sets and expertise. Great team and coordination throughout project. Thank you for the great work over the past few months and the excellent final product.

    Coordinator, Energy Efficiency Programs

  • Dunsky is a quick study. They fully understood what we needed, and they delivered. They are professionals and the project landed on-time and on-budget.

    Project Manager

  • Dunsky has provided us with critical research and insightful analysis for some of our most strategic projects. We’re glad we can count on you to inform our next generation of programs and policies.

    Executive Director

  • The Dunsky team did an excellent job. They produced a robust analysis and model, and were particularly responsive.

    Planning & Evaluation Manager

  • Philippe is the guy you want on your team – his expertise is deep and broad, and he is an absolute delight to work with. His team was instrumental in developing Efficiency Maine’s first DSM plan.


Sample Projects

  • Buildings
  • Opportunity

Dunsky Co-Authors Study Demonstrating Feasibility of Decarbonizing Canada’s Large Buildings to Meet Net-Zero Targets

Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors and RDH Building Science recently completed a study for the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) that proves the feasibility of...

  • Strategy

Dunsky Advises Government of Quebec on Pathways to Achieve Climate Targets

Can an entire economy actually achieve net-zero emissions? Dunsky recently completed a comprehensive update to its landmark “Pathways” study for the Quebec...

  • Buildings

Dunsky Supports Government of Canada’s Landmark $2 Billion Investment in Accelerating Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization of Buildings

Dunsky is pleased to announce it was retained to support the design and implementation of the Canada Infrastructure Bank’s $2 billion Building Retrofits Initiative....

Renewable energy – and its enabler, storage – is critical to achieving a sustainable energy future. And though we have a long way to go, the transition to solar, wind, biomass, biofuels and other renewable energy resources, is now well underway.  Yet renewables are not a foregone conclusion – their ability to compete and grow market share can vary significantly across geographic regions, regulatory frameworks and government policies. Meanwhile, the need for non-grid storage solutions to address intermittency, is similarly variable.

We help our clients to assess opportunities for renewable energy – with an emphasis on demand-side (or “distributed”) renewable resources – and to develop programs and policies to support them effectively, and cost-efficiently. To this end, we use our experience with the full range of renewable energy and storage options – along with proprietary models that provide deep, location-specific insights – to determine what is needed to move the needle and achieve defined goals.

Our work includes assessing technical issues, resource potential and markets; designing voluntary programs (incentives, financing and others); building realistic business cases; and advising on regulatory mechanisms and policies.

  • Excellent work. Easy to read, and charts illustrate the points. It sets up the right conversation about our policy choices going forward to achieve our goals.

    Secretary of Energy

  • We felt that Dunsky was fully committed; that this was not just “another job” to them.

    Project Engineer, Environmental & Corporate Initiatives

  • Dunsky staff are knowledgeable, professional and produce high quality products. Their customer service also stands out. This combination is not easy to find.

    Director of Lighting Programs

  • Dunsky brings well-respected advice and very in-depth knowledge.

    Executive Director

  • The team delivered clear, well structured information. We (also) greatly appreciated the quick turn around time.

    Director of Energy, North America

  • Thanks for your great presentation and wonderful report – it has been incredibly useful.

    Residential Program Manager

  • Philippe provides incredible value to his clients, (including) extremely sophisticated knowledge of demand-side management.

    Director, Texas Efficiency Programs

Sample Projects

  • Opportunity
  • Strategy

Dunsky to Support IESO in Identifying DER Potential in Ontario

Dunsky is pleased to announce that it has been retained by Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) to conduct the province’s first ever Distributed...

  • Renewables

Value of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs): Dunsky to Support the New Hampshire Department of Energy

Dunsky is pleased to have been retained to complete a study of the value of net metered, distributed energy resources (DERs) for the New Hampshire Department of Energy...

  • Renewables
  • Mobility
  • Opportunity

EVs + PVs: A Holistic DER View

Electric vehicles (EVs) and solar power (PV) are often considered in silos. But as part of its long-term grid transformation strategy, our client, ENMAX Power, wanted...

Moving people and things can use anywhere between a quarter and a third of all energy consumed in a given region – and it can emit the same share of greenhouse gases. Simply put, there can be no sustainable energy future without sustainable mobility. Thankfully, recent technological advances, combined with stricter government regulation and generational shifts in consumer preferences, are opening the door to an important evolution in the transportation industry.

At the nexus of energy and mobility, Dunsky is well-positioned to support our clients’ needs. Our emphasis is on the twin challenges of sustainable transportation: reducing energy demand (through improved fuel efficiency, an array of new “shared mobility” services and platforms, and non-vehicle alternatives), and shifting to alternative, low-carbon fuels (including, but not limited to, electric vehicles).

In all cases, we help our clients understand the options, build business cases, address regulatory barriers, and design both regulatory and market-based strategies aimed at accelerating the advent of sustainable mobility. Our work, which encompasses market, economic and technology facets, further extends to electricity storage, grid integration of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, pricing and more.

  • Dunsky staff members are professional and knowledgeable. We were particularly impressed with their availability, willingness to address our questions, and ability to work within the allocated budget and time constraints.

    Environmental Technologist

  • Team was proactive, always available and willing to help.

    Compliance Lead

  • Excellent work. Easy to read, and charts illustrate the points. It sets up the right conversation about our policy choices going forward to achieve our goals.

    Secretary of Energy

  • Dunsky’s reputation as a leading consultant in the industry is warranted. In addition to providing a sound work product, the Dunsky brand strengthened our project. We absolutely recommend them.

    Program Director

  • The Dunsky team did an excellent job. They produced a robust analysis and model, and were particularly responsive.

    Planning & Evaluation Manager

  • I recommend Dunsky’s services to my colleagues. They take care to listen, build client relationships based on trust and respect, and excel at communicating complex concepts. Their work is always solid.

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Dunsky’s experience and insight is excellent. Their written communications were very clear; presentations and working sessions were effective. They have great interpersonal skills too!

    VP Programs & Partnerships

  • You delivered above and beyond expectations, and demonstrated very strong market knowledge and expertise. I absolutely recommend Dunsky!

    Director of Energy

  • Content, knowledge and communication style second to none in the industry.

    Executive Director

Sample Projects

  • Mobility

Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Availability in Canada: Dunsky Supports Transport Canada with Latest Cross-Country Inventory Report

Dunsky is pleased to release the latest version of its Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Availability report produced for Transport Canada. This report summarizes our fourth...

  • Mobility
  • Strategy

Developing a comprehensive EV Strategy for the City of Victoria

On May 20, the City of Victoria BC presented its draft Electric Vehicle Strategy to City Council. Developed with the City by Dunsky, in partnership with AES...

  • Mobility

Introducing E-FLEETᵀᴹ – Dunsky’s Fleet Electrification Optimization Service

As leaders in the development of electric vehicle adoption for clients across North America, Dunsky is proud to introduce a new service aimed at helping governments,...

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