Hydro-Quebec, North America’s largest electric utility, retained Dunsky to advise on evaluating the long-term, market transformation impacts of its portfolio of demand-side management (DSM) programs. Dunsky assessed the utility’s full portfolio of DSM programs, and identified those that would generate market transformation results that can be evaluated. Based on this work, we were again retained, this time to assess the market transformation impacts of its flagship thermostat program. This involved developing a methodology to isolate the utility’s influence from those of other factors and players.

This work followed on earlier projects, including helping Hydro-Quebec to build ‘evaluable’ market transformation goals directly into its commercial and industrial programs.

Similar Projects: Dunsky has conducted, supported and advised on impact evaluations for a variety of clients, including the California Public Utilities Commission, Manitoba Hydro, Efficiency Maine, the Canadian Office of Energy Efficiency, and the Ontario Energy Board.