As leaders in the development of electric vehicle adoption for clients across North America, Dunsky is proud to introduce a new service aimed at helping governments, utilities, institutions and private companies simplify the complex process of electrifying their vehicle fleets at the lowest cost. Powered by a sophisticated, proprietary model, Dunsky’s Fleet Electrification Optimization service – known as E-FLEETTM –makes it easy for organizations to determine the optimal pathway for vehicle fleet electrification and achieve significant GHG and operating cost savings.

Using basic fleet data already captured by clients or fleet operators, E-FLEETTM delivers a fleet electrification plan tailored to clients’ unique criteria, objectives and constraints – be they GHG savings targets, cost-effectiveness hurdles, capital constraints or others – while minimizing disruption to operations. Specifically, the model includes:

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Assessment: accounts for all costs, including upfront capital, maintenance, fuel, electricity, and any carbon-related levies or taxes.
  • Dunsky’s EV Availability Timeline: based on a proprietary list of announced and anticipated vehicle availability, for both battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs).
  • Dunsky’s EV Price Forecast: forecasts the market purchase price of baseline (ICE) and replacement (BEV, PHEV) vehicles, from 2020 up to 2030 and beyond, for all vehicle segments.
  • Charging Equipment Optimizer: determines the charging equipment required, accounting for fleet characteristics and power sharing opportunities among vehicles.
  • Fleet Optimization Algorithm: determines the optimal year for vehicle replacement to meet clients’ unique objectives (e.g.: lowest cost, shortest time span, net-zero by 2030, etc.).

Our firm maintains a comprehensive database of currently available and soon-to-be-released clean energy EVs across the light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicle classes. By leveraging this industry information, we are well-equipped to define both the extent and timing of fleet transitions. This in-depth familiarity with the vehicle sector means that our recommendations will be realistic and achievable from both financial and market readiness perspectives.

Sample Project: Dunsky recently used E-FLEETTM to conduct a fleet conversion analysis for the City of Halifax (pop. 413,000). The resulting plan identifies a clear, cost-effective roadmap to gradually convert the entire city fleet to electric drivetrains over a 10 year period, accounting for capital costs, operational costs savings, vehicle replacement schedules, charging infrastructure requirements and EV availability by vehicle class. 

In sum, Dunsky’s E-FLEETTM offers clients a solution that ensures their internal combustion vehicles are being replaced with comparable clean energy vehicles to meet organizational performance requirements and that all necessary ancillary equipment (e.g.: charging infrastructure) are accounted for in the assessment and go-forward plan.

To learn more about how E-Fleet can simplify your organization’s fleet electrification, contact us at