Dunsky’s Demand & Energy Efficiency Potential (DEEP™) model provides our clients with powerful projections of energy and demand saving opportunities that account for technological, economic, policy, and market conditions and constraints.

Utilities, governments and others leverage the power of DEEP™ to:

  • Define the technical, economic and achievable potential for energy efficiency and peak demand savings in a given region or territory;
  • Segment the achievable potential by end-use, strategy (programs and others), sector or market vertical;
  • Optimize portfolios – whether efficiency, DR or iDSM – to best achieve their specific goals (e.g. savings, cost-effectiveness, GHGs) within given constraints;
  • Define goals and constraints, including savings targets and budgets;
  • Inform the design of specific programs or market-enabling initiatives;
  • Assess a range of scenarios and potential outcomes to enable risk-aware decisions; and
  • Develop business cases and strategies for capturing efficiency opportunities.

Dunsky’s DEEP™ offers a particularly sophisticated approach to understanding efficiency and peak demand savings opportunities, providing system planners and policymakers with greater confidence in results. We further enhance the value of DEEP™’s robust analytics with deep insights from our program design and evaluation practices.

Combined with superior reporting and regulatory credibility, we provide our clients with results that they – and their stakeholders and regulators – can rely on. We invite you to ask us more about how DEEP™ can provide you with reliable and credible results that can be counted on for planning, regulatory and policymaking purposes.