Dunsky’s Electric Vehicle Adoption (EVA™) Model is designed to forecast EV market adoption – across all vehicle classes and drivetrains – under a variety of technological, economic, investment and policy scenarios and constraints. Utilities, governments, municipalities and other Dunsky clients leverage EVAtm to:

  • Quantify the impact of policies, programs and investment options, including charging infrastructure, rebates, ZEV mandates and others, for accelerating EV adoption;
  • Assess grid impacts and costs associated with EV load growth under a variety of scenarios;
  • Assess the value of smart charging and other options for mitigating peak load impacts;
  • Assess the business case for investments and defend them in regulatory proceedings;
  • Optimize investment plans to maximize revenue and minimize costs; and
  • Design market and regulatory strategies for growing beneficial EV opportunities;

By combining a sophisticated methodological approach with extensive in-house expertise and use of local data and calibration, EVAtm provides state-of-the-art, accurate EV forecasting and scenario analysis. Paired with Dunsky’s strategic insights and clear reporting, EVAtm empowers our clients to make and defend informed decisions about their EV program portfolios, policies, strategies and investment decisions.

If your organization can benefit from accurate EV adoption analytics and insights specific to your region, get in touch with us to learn more.