Achieving the Paris Agreement’s deep emissions reduction targets for 2030 and 2050 will require no shortage of ambition. This is especially true for municipal governments — at the front line of both climate solutions and consequences — who often have limited resources and authority. For many, knowing how to cut through the noise and prioritize effective action is a challenging but critical first step.

Dunsky is pleased to support the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) in developing an energy roadmap for municipalities. The roadmap is designed to support municipalities large and small in identifying and qualifying opportunities tied to their unique circumstances, defining actions they can focus on in the near term, and providing the resources to move forward on implementation.

Now that a draft version is ready, we thought we’d see what municipal leaders think, and what adjustments could make it better. With that in mind, we joined the FCM at this month’s Americana conference in Montreal to present the draft roadmap, share insights on high-impact solutions across different types of municipalities, explore key challenges and opportunities of each technology and policy, and hear from public and private sector participants on how the final product — to be released in summer 2019 — can generate maximum value for its intended users.