We are pleased to announce that two new Consultants joined our team in January: Leslie Malone and Jeff Turner.

Jeff’s passion for advanced energy technologies has led to a career at the nexus of sustainable transportation, energy storage, demand response and renewable energy. His experience – with vehicle manufacturers, transportation research institutes, utilities and governments – affords him a unique, grounded perspective on what is needed to move the needle on market adoption of clean energy technologies. His work has covered personal and commercial vehicle engineering, EV charging infrastructure, energy storage technology, grid integration, demand response, and policies and market strategies to encourage greater penetration of environmentally-preferable energy options. He previously led the EV-Grid integration team at BC Hydro’s Powertech Labs.

Leslie is an economist with ten years of experience in energy and environmental policy – as well as broad knowledge of energy markets and legislative/regulatory environments – across Canada and the U.S. Prior to joining the Dunsky team, Leslie was with Acadia Center, a northeast U.S. sustainable energy think tank, where she worked on energy efficiency, renewable energy, grid modernization, and carbon pricing issues.

We look forward to introducing you to these great additions to our team.