This is an excerpt from our 16th Anniversary newsletter. Read more to learn about our Projects, People, Tools, and Impact

As a consultancy, we exist to support our clients goals. We’re proud that over the years, our team has developed lasting partnerships with the people and organizations leading North America’s clean energy transition (as well as those aspiring to such leadership). As this transition accelerates, more people in more places are depending on us to help move the needle.

In our early days, we primarily supported Quebec-based organizations. Today, we’ve worked with more than 150 organizations across 30 states and provinces, spanning every single region of the continent. Dunsky has been at the forefront of some of the most ground-breaking work, driving and often defining the next step in state/provincial and municipal clean energy strategies.

Our clients count us to delve deep into their unique characteristics – every place has a unique set of climate, market and cultural differences – while also bringing insights from our work elsewhere, in places both similar to and different from their own. In the years to come, we look forward to fostering relationships with new and familiar people and organizations across North America. 

We’re Celebrating our 16th Anniversary

Founded in 2004, the Dunsky team has grown over time into one of North America’s premiere clean energy advisory firms, with a team of 35 extraordinary professionals and a clientele of over 150 utilities, governments and other clean energy leaders.

As we enter our 17th year of business, we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come, and where we’re headed. To kick-start that reflection, we’re shining a light on the things that matter most to us: our Projects, People, Clients, Tools, and Impact. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about our history, as we look toward building a cleaner energy future.