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Dunsky is a mission-driven firm, focused on accelerating the transition to a clean energy future. Over the years, we’ve driven positive change in three ways:

First, through our core work; quantifying clean energy opportunities, designing programs, plans and policies to accelerate their adoption, and evaluating performance with a view to continuous improvement. While most of our work is focused on meeting our clients’ needs, we also take a proactive approach, seeking new and innovative ways to accelerate the clean energy transition.

Second, by walking the talk. Our company has been a certified B Corp since 2014. Since then, we’ve been awarded B Corp’s coveted “Best for the World” status on two occasions, and have improved our B Corp score year over year (our independently measured impact score is now more than twice that of the average business). We are also purposefully headquartered in one of North America’s greenest buildings, adhere to a strict green procurement policy, and subsidize public and active transportation options for our team, among other “walk-the-talk” efforts.

Third, by giving back generously. We donate 2% of our gross revenue to charity, and over time, have supported more than 140 charities working to make our world and our communities better places to live. We also donate our time, and have helped found or lead multiple non-profit organizations, among other initiatives.

We’re not perfect – we believe there’s always room to improve. But we’re proud of the efforts we’ve made to leave as positive a footprint as possible on our world and those living in it. We look forward to growing our impact, with you, in the years to come.

We’re Celebrating our 16th Anniversary

Founded in 2004, the Dunsky team has grown over time into one of North America’s premiere clean energy advisory firms, with a team of 35 extraordinary professionals and a clientele of over 150 utilities, governments and other clean energy leaders.

As we enter our 17th year of business, we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come, and where we’re headed. To kick-start that reflection, we’re shining a light on the things that matter most to us: our Projects, People, Clients, Tools, and Impact. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about our history, as we look toward building a cleaner energy future.