With the rapid emergence of new thermostat technologies, National Grid and EverSource (formerly NStar, CL&P, PSNH, WMECo and Yankee Gas) retained Dunsky to assess technology options, features, capabilities and, critically, the full array of value propositions offered by advanced thermostat technologies beyond energy savings themselves.

The Dunsky team examined not only the technical capabilities of a broad array of new and emerging thermostats, but also the intrinsic value that many offer for customers, utilities, and third parties alike. Building on this assessment, we examined the market opportunity, including a 10-year market opportunity forecast accounting for a variety of technical and market characteristics. Ultimately, our work provided the foundation for a strategic plan to address this exciting new space, and for the first set of programs to encourage market adoption.

Similar Projects: Dunsky has conducted similar assessments of the market for new or emerging opportunities, including for a broad range of natural gas and electricity saving measures, demand response options, clean energy and storage technologies. Clients have included National Grid, Eversource, Natural Resources Canada, and private solution providers.