When PowerStream (now Alectra), one of Ontario’s largest and most forward-looking electric utilities, was looking to the future, it called on Dunsky to assess the potential for solar PV generation across its service territory.

Using our proprietary solar uptake model to assess market growth under various financing options (purchase, long term loans and leases), Dunsky projected the potential for solar PV installations. The model took into consideration the differences among the seven municipalities served by PowerStream as well as a range of residential and commercial market segments.  Applying this framework, we modelled the theoretical, constrained and economic potentials and projected the probable baseline uptake for solar PV over the next 20 years. This then serves as the basis upon which active efforts can drive accelerated market adoption.

Similar Projects: Dunsky has helped numerous clients — largely utilities and governments — assess the potential for solar and energy storage, and develop policies, programs and business plans to support increased market adoption. These include the likes of Montana-Dakota Utilities, NB Power, the Government of Alberta, the City of Saskatoon, and more.