In Dunsky’s latest video, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante speaks with our President Philippe Dunsky about the development of the City’s ambitious 2020-2030 Climate Plan. Montreal’s Plan – part of a drive to achieve 55% GHG reductions by 2030 – was released in the Fall of 2020 to positive reactions from critics and stakeholders alike, who praised its ambition, its science-based realism, and its approach to engaging with key local actors.

To help the City combat climate change in a meaningful and achievable way, our firm supported the City with, among other things: 

  • detailed modelling of the GHG emission reduction opportunities across all sectors of the city’s economy; 
  • designing key measures of the plan – including innovative financing and regulatory tools to slash emissions from critical sectors;
  • forecasting the GHG reduction impact of an array of critical measures across buildings and transportation; and
  • strategic advice and counsel throughout. 

Dunsky supports municipalities of all sizes in the fight against climate change, with ambitious –yet-realistic strategies to reduce GHG emissions and ensure healthy, vibrant communities. We do so through rigorous analysis, collaborative community engagement,  dedicated modelling, strategic advice and over 350 person-years of experience to inform what is likely to work in practice, not just on paper. 

As a mission-driven B-Corp, we are deeply committed to helping our clients accelerate climate action. That is why at Dunsky, we do not develop cookie-cutter plans that can be repeated by the dozens; instead, we develop custom, realistic plans so that emissions reductions strategies can truly succeed.