Did you know that moving people and things uses roughly a quarter to a third of all the energy we consume? Simply put, there can be no sustainable energy future without sustainable mobility.

At Dunsky, we are proud to announce the formation of a Sustainable Mobility team to support our clients’ needs. The team brings together a vast array of experience, from electric vehicles and their integration with power grids, to biofuels, shared mobility strategies, non-vehicle alternatives and broader transportation policy. As always, our work isn’t merely about technology – it’s about properly assessing all the options, designing policies and market strategies that will effectively move the needle on market adoption, and evaluating performance for continuous improvement.

The team is led by Jeff Turner, who has spent the last decade advancing electric vehicles – and associated charging and demand response strategies – for utilities, governments and vehicle manufacturers alike. Jeff’s experience adds a wealth of technical, programmatic and policy knowledge to the team. He is supported by teammates Lauren McNutt, Leslie Malone, Elsa Joly, Julie-Ann Vincent, Alex Hill and Philippe Dunsky, all of whom bring an array of additional transportation-specific experience and expertise to the table.

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